Monday, November 22, 2010

Griloc As a Locksmith Tools

As a locksmith you should not depend on only some specific tools but you must try to expand your business by adding a new product. For example if you find any new locksmith tools on  the market, do not wait but  quickly grab it and use it as a new resource to gain profit.

Maybe we can use “griloc” as our new locksmith tools? Read the following article to learn more about “griloc”:

Three victims were found burnt to death after got caught in the bedroom and another one in the living room in the fire at about 3:30 am after just 13 hours moved on to their new house at Level 3, FIet PPR Taman Wahyu, Kepong, Malaysia.

It was believed that they were trapped because the main doors and windows all installed with grille. This tragedy raises a question mark to the public whether the grating serves to protect the house or became death traps?

There are pros and cons regarding the need of grille installation in the house, especially in emergencies. Grating function can be changed based on the specific situation, but on the fire safety aspects it has an adverse impact if the design and installation are not given attention.

However there is a solution to overcome this problem. Recently, Besafe Supplies Enterprise (Besafe) has produces a 'Grill-Locks' (griloc) specifically designed to give residents a chance to escape in the event of a fire without using any keys.

Griloc made from aluminium alloy ADC 12 is equipped with a 'locking tongue' and 'looking pin' of copper as well as 'pin stopper' that use PVC as the basic material. For a time being Griloc only suitable to be installed on the sliding type grille (sliding window). It’s allowing fire victim to pull key button in order to open the grating system.

According to Besafe spoke person, Grilog locking system is easy to learn by the children and does not require complicated maintenance. It doesn’t have any components such as springs, cables and electrical which require intensive care thus can prevent any possible damage to the opening of the system.

Grilog already in the market since 1997, it is the first Malaysian-made grille received Fire Department recognition as it emphasizes more on occupant safety.

Usually, installation will take a day to be completed where the price is said to be very affordable (around RM230 to RM350). It will be installed on 2 to 4 panel’s window types such as in the bedroom and living room home.

According to Besafe spoke person, a risk to be trapped in the housing types of 2 and 3 storey houses are more dangerous than the single storey type because of the distance factor. “But this does not mean safe for single storey house if the household spaces within it blocked with flammable materials like furniture," he said.

Unfortunately, the current scenario shows a lot of owners of premises and property developers to install a fixed window grille or static type of plug and lock (padlock) as a measure to prevent theft or unauthorized use despite knowing the risks.

Therefore what we need to emphasize now is the function of the grille installation is not only to prevent invasion but will safely allow fire victim to escape from being killed during an emergency.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lock Picks Set for Sale (Advance)

Proudly present to you new Locksmith Tools which we called it Lock Picks Set.

If you are interested, you can buy it here (Accept only PayPal). Product description are as below:

Professional Product: this product is intended for professional use only. Usage support cannot be provided due to the product's nature.

- 7 single picks with different angles.
- 1 pick for opening car lock.
- Enclosing one transmission lists.

Some of customer Reviews:

1. Posted by JonathanLim on 7/27/2010:The cheapest lock pick set I can find online. Very good for beginners. Fun to have and useful for picking locks when you had misplaced the keys.

2. Posted by tommyboy85 on 7/25/2010: THIS PRODUCT ACTUALY WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have tried this on my dead bolt lock on my front door and it opened it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!( with some practice) I have never used anything like this before and i got it to work!!!!!!!!!!!

Shipment Process Flow:

* Seller takes 2 days to process (once received your payment through PayPal).
* Order submitted to manufacturer.
* Manufacturer process within 5 ~ 7 business day.
* If order still unshipped, seller will contact buyer to refund or to wait.
* If order shipped, please allow to 21 business days to reach buyer address.
* or during festivals in Hong Kong, estimate time arrival maybe a bit longer.

* Flat Rate Shipping and Handling to selected country in the world. (Please Check exclusions countries list).

* However shipment speed may differ because of unforeseen delays, sometime it take more longer. If more than 21 days, you still don't received the shipment, please contact us for Re-Shipment.

* We are always try our best to ensure all deliveries arrive on time. Please be patient when awaiting shipment.


o It is the buyer responsibility to provide a deliverable shipping address (on your PayPal account). If the item returned back to us because of the undeliverable address, buyer agree to pay the cost for Re-Shipment.

o We are not responsible for any custom duty or tax due to your countries law for certain items. Kindly, check with your local custom before buying. We are not responsible on any confiscated item by your CUSTOM or any Local Authorities.

Return Policy:
* We do not accept return.

Price: USD 9.50 (Free Shipping + Tracking Number); or

- Buy 3 units ++ for USD 9.00 (Free Shipping + Tracking Number).

If you don't have PayPal account, you can sign up HERE!

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fingerprint Door Lock

Locksmith tools - Fingerprint Door Lock

Consider this: you and / or your family were always looking for keys and replacing locks due to lost/misplaced keys. Sometimes you have to change locks because you have given out keys to contractors and housekeepers and you did not know if copies were made.

This lock that does not require any additional holes to drill and does allow you the ability to manage individual users directly on the lock

Yes, I’m talking about biometric security keyless door lock system. This lock allows for complete keyless entry using only a fingerprint authentication." "Biometrics is the science and technology of authentication (i.e. establishing the identity of an individual) by measuring the person's physiological or behavioral features”.

If you and your family don't want to ever worry about keys, passwords or combinations again, try this lock.

Obviously in order to read a fingerprint, there has to be a process of inputting or first reading that fingerprint into the lock's memory to be stored, so as to read that fingerprint later. The lock will read fingerprint ridges to identify each individual print. This type of lock has the ability to store 40 to 75 fingerprints.

What if the finger we usually use to read into the lock has a cut on it, or a band-aid on it?

Well, most of the time the manufacturer would recommends always reading in two different fingers from the same person into the lock, just for that possibility. You never know if a finger gets cut or wounded.

However some reviews from the customers said that it’s can be bypassed by thieves.

If you are still curious, please contact the manufacturer and get details about the products such as their guarantee, technical support or refund (if you did not satisfied with the product), etc.

So, you can throw out your keys now, go and get this key. It is a locksmith tools!

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Best 5 Locksmith Forums

You can search locksmith tool from various forums which available on the internet. Below article give you five best forums to join. Forum is among the best place to search locksmith tools.

Best 5 Locksmith Forums!

Best 5 Locksmith Forums!

Author: Mitchell Nunn

Locksmith Local review the top 5 Locksmith forums! have scoured the internet to bring you the top 5 locksmith forums about today, looking at all different aspects of the locksmithing industry. Evidentally forums are used for sharing information between industry professionals, hobbyists and even the up and coming locksmith that is trying to learn the trade. To help you gather useful information from the best websites we have knuckled the top forums down to just 5!

1. - Lockpicking101 is by far the best locksmith forum with over 62,000 members and currently over 42,000 topics being discussed by many of the industries top locksmiths and hobbyists. If you need any information from product reference to a specialized pick your sure to find it here.

2. - In second place is ukbumpkeys with currently 3683 members. There is one benefit by using uk bumpkeys though and that is their shop facility where you can purchase anything from specialized locksmith tools to educational books. Certainly worth a look!

3. - The master locksmith association (MLA) are regarded as the leading locksmith organisation by the government and industry professionals. To use their forum you will need to be registered with the MLA as a member as its a members only forum. Once on board you will be certain to find many specialized discussions on various topics from sub-contactor work to locating a rare product.

4. - institutionallocksmithingforum is jam packed with useful information and with over 1300 members you'll be able to interact with many. No wonder they call it The on-line resource forum for Institutional Locksmiths .

5. - Lagging behind in the rankings is alliance locksmiths forum. Unfortunately it has a limited number of members and a lack of topic but hopefully with our help of awareness we can get them the sort of traffic the other forums are receiving! Here's Hoping!

Keep a look out for other interesting articles by - the leading Essex and London Locksmith.

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