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How to Use A Slim Jim

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Have you ever heard about Slim Jim? It's a useful Locksmith Tools. Read the following details from

How to Use a Slim Jim

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Learning how to use a slim jim can be a very valuable experience when you find yourself locked out of your car. Slim jims are great products for getting out of such jams, as they can be used to open car doors without the use of keys. To use a slim jim correctly, however, you should practice the procedure for opening a car door with one of these devices.


  1. A car door isn't just a door.
  2. Most cars made after 1992 have a lot of mechanics and a variety of function controls housed inside the door. They may have side impact air bags and electrical wiring for power locks. They may have connectors for lock linkage.
  3. If you are not 100% sure of what is INSIDE the car door you are trying to open do not look beyond step #1 of this article. You will likely damage the car door lock when trying to use a slim jim to open it. Screwing up a car opening job can easily cost over $200 if you damage your (or someone else's) door panel.
  4. Insert the tool carefully between the passenger car door window and the weather stripping. This is a tight space and you may only have a quarter of an inch of access to the lock linkage.
  5. Move the tool slowly back and forth until it grabs the lock rod.
  6. Carefully move it until the lock flips over. The car door is now unlocked!


  • Learning how to use a slim jim starts with an understanding of car door locks. Most car door locks function by means of a control arm. The control arm activates when the car key is turned in the lock, but can also be bypassed in order to open the door without a key. A slim jim is a thin piece of spring steel with a notch cut out of one end. The slim jim's notched end is used to access this control arm via the car window. The notched end makes it easier to pull the lock rod up.


  • Be VERY careful when using a slim jim to open the PASSENGER side door - never the drivers door because you can easily damage all of the controls in the drivers door with a slim jim...particularly if you are a novice.

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