Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fingerprint Door Lock

Locksmith tools - Fingerprint Door Lock

Consider this: you and / or your family were always looking for keys and replacing locks due to lost/misplaced keys. Sometimes you have to change locks because you have given out keys to contractors and housekeepers and you did not know if copies were made.

This lock that does not require any additional holes to drill and does allow you the ability to manage individual users directly on the lock

Yes, I’m talking about biometric security keyless door lock system. This lock allows for complete keyless entry using only a fingerprint authentication." "Biometrics is the science and technology of authentication (i.e. establishing the identity of an individual) by measuring the person's physiological or behavioral features”.

If you and your family don't want to ever worry about keys, passwords or combinations again, try this lock.

Obviously in order to read a fingerprint, there has to be a process of inputting or first reading that fingerprint into the lock's memory to be stored, so as to read that fingerprint later. The lock will read fingerprint ridges to identify each individual print. This type of lock has the ability to store 40 to 75 fingerprints.

What if the finger we usually use to read into the lock has a cut on it, or a band-aid on it?

Well, most of the time the manufacturer would recommends always reading in two different fingers from the same person into the lock, just for that possibility. You never know if a finger gets cut or wounded.

However some reviews from the customers said that it’s can be bypassed by thieves.

If you are still curious, please contact the manufacturer and get details about the products such as their guarantee, technical support or refund (if you did not satisfied with the product), etc.

So, you can throw out your keys now, go and get this key. It is a locksmith tools!

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