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Griloc As a Locksmith Tools

As a locksmith you should not depend on only some specific tools but you must try to expand your business by adding a new product. For example if you find any new locksmith tools on  the market, do not wait but  quickly grab it and use it as a new resource to gain profit.

Maybe we can use “griloc” as our new locksmith tools? Read the following article to learn more about “griloc”:

Three victims were found burnt to death after got caught in the bedroom and another one in the living room in the fire at about 3:30 am after just 13 hours moved on to their new house at Level 3, FIet PPR Taman Wahyu, Kepong, Malaysia.

It was believed that they were trapped because the main doors and windows all installed with grille. This tragedy raises a question mark to the public whether the grating serves to protect the house or became death traps?

There are pros and cons regarding the need of grille installation in the house, especially in emergencies. Grating function can be changed based on the specific situation, but on the fire safety aspects it has an adverse impact if the design and installation are not given attention.

However there is a solution to overcome this problem. Recently, Besafe Supplies Enterprise (Besafe) has produces a 'Grill-Locks' (griloc) specifically designed to give residents a chance to escape in the event of a fire without using any keys.

Griloc made from aluminium alloy ADC 12 is equipped with a 'locking tongue' and 'looking pin' of copper as well as 'pin stopper' that use PVC as the basic material. For a time being Griloc only suitable to be installed on the sliding type grille (sliding window). It’s allowing fire victim to pull key button in order to open the grating system.

According to Besafe spoke person, Grilog locking system is easy to learn by the children and does not require complicated maintenance. It doesn’t have any components such as springs, cables and electrical which require intensive care thus can prevent any possible damage to the opening of the system.

Grilog already in the market since 1997, it is the first Malaysian-made grille received Fire Department recognition as it emphasizes more on occupant safety.

Usually, installation will take a day to be completed where the price is said to be very affordable (around RM230 to RM350). It will be installed on 2 to 4 panel’s window types such as in the bedroom and living room home.

According to Besafe spoke person, a risk to be trapped in the housing types of 2 and 3 storey houses are more dangerous than the single storey type because of the distance factor. “But this does not mean safe for single storey house if the household spaces within it blocked with flammable materials like furniture," he said.

Unfortunately, the current scenario shows a lot of owners of premises and property developers to install a fixed window grille or static type of plug and lock (padlock) as a measure to prevent theft or unauthorized use despite knowing the risks.

Therefore what we need to emphasize now is the function of the grille installation is not only to prevent invasion but will safely allow fire victim to escape from being killed during an emergency.

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paul smith said...

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GovindSharma said...

Grill-Lock is really a amazing tool. But how it sense the fire. If there is sensor for fire then it is very easy to unlock.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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reginag said...

Makes a lot of difference actually. It's more safe.

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lisababby said...

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jenefer lopez said...
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Hassel Lee said...

Well good to see this information. This is really unique and looks effective. I agree to your statement that one should not rely on one tool and move on to the other ones as well. There are some companies use different tools when installing lock system such as a company name "locksmith in san francisco".

Emily Smith said...

This was a really interesting article. The other day my friend told me that she recently had to call a locksmith to get her into her car because she lost the keys. It made me wonder how locksmiths are able to get locks open. It was really cool to learn about the tools they use and how they use them. Thanks for the post!
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Mitcheal Clerk said...

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Smadar Golan said...

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