Saturday, August 15, 2009

Shunt Locks

Shunted locks are one of the items that could be categorized under locksmith tools, which an emergency locksmith must know well. A shunt is the process of turning aside or moving to an alternate course, a bypass. Shunted locks come in different brands. These locks are made for cabinets, metal doors, wooden doors, and sliding doors.

A shunt switch is used in a thug -resistant mortise lock (with a micro switch fitted). These locks are used in places such as emergency exits or on Burglar Alarm Systems.

When the deadlock is locked, the alarm is set, and when it's unlocked, the alarm is unset. The main benefit is that the door contact will be the first mechanism to be activated if the door is forced open (the most common form of attack) and the police will be called more instantly than through the use of an alternative system design.

The secondary advantage is that in the event your keys are stolen, the code for the burglar alarm will not also be lost (which can potentially happen on some existing burglar alarm designs).

Installing may also be an issue. On business-related properties surface run cable is not usually a problem, but in a private residence the cable usually has to go through the door. It is vital to use a skilled carpenter with the right tools.

The complication of these alarm locks requires educated intelligence on the part of the locksmith who may be required to mend or replace such a lock.

Locksmiths may also be called in circumstances where an exit or emergency door has been locked or jammed. There are doors that must legally remain unlocked. Any time they have become illegally obstructed, the locksmith may be called to undo the damage.

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Comb Lock Picks

Have you come across comb lock picks being use as a locksmith tools?

I guess the following videos are really cools. We call it comb lock picks. Please check out the videos first …

1) The video shows how locks are being picked with the comb picks;

2) The video shows what the inside of the lock does when comb picks are inserted;

The above videos shows comb picks just lift the top and bottom pins above the shear line. As you know, normal lock picks usually will pick the pin to the shear line.

Also, you have nothing to guess about while picking the lock and you don’t need any security pins because there is no turning pressure required until all pins are out of the way.

Start experimenting with comb lock picks today (if you haven’t try it yet).

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Master Keying

As a Locksmith you need to know and most probably to own a master key. It’s a locksmith tools that very useful. However it also has the advantages. Read further for details information.

Master Keying
Think of how convenient it would be to have one key that opens all the locks in your home or business. It’s usually possible to arrange for locks of the same manufacturer to be keyed alike. That means no more unwieldy clusters of keys you have to drag around—also your life becomes a little less cluttered.

However, main purpose of master keying is because it allows those who must have access to many locks (maintenance workers, managers, etc.) to carry only a few keys.

Master-keyed lock systems, usually used by offices, schools, and businesses as well as by some residential facilities.

Master keying makes it possible for two different and distinct keys to open the same lock.

Master keying can regulate access to specific zones while enabling one master key to access all zones.

Did you know anyone with access to the key to a single lock can easily create the 'master' key that opens every lock in the entire systems?

How to Create Master Key
1. Creating a master key requires little skill. The only materials required are a metal file and a small number of blank keys, which for many locks are readily available as a locksmith tools.

2. In order to make a master key, one must have access to one of the locks in the system and possess or have previously examined its associated key. Any lock and key in the system is sufficient for this purpose, and so any individual who has ever been given access to any key has the potential to carry out the attack.

The technique involves a series of simple 'probes' of a lock which reveal successively more information about the master key. This can be done in several sessions without a need for continuous access to the lock.

3. This procedure only consumes a small number of 'blank' keys of the kind that fit the locks. Blank keys for most commonly-used locks are available in small quantities from a wide range of commercial sources. The keys are 'cut' using hand-held machines or a small metal file.

See how easy it is!

As stated above, master key is easy to be made. Therefore, individuals and institutions that depend on such locks to protect their safety and property should be aware of the risks and consider alternatives to eliminate or reduce their exposure to the threat.

Master key is a locksmith tools.

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Friday, January 30, 2009

Learn How to Use and Store Locksmith Tools

Helping you to understand this topic is just a matter of reading the following paragraphs. Take your time to do so.

Locksmith tools typically use and store for repair, maintain and install locks for homes and businesses.

The tools and equipment used can end up costing thousands of dollars. It's important to use and store all locksmith tools appropriately to ensure their performance and make sure they don't end up in the wrong hands.

Instructions on How to Use and Store Locksmith Tools:

1 - Purchase a variety of different cutters, a manual duplicator and cutter wheels.

2 - Use typical locksmith tools like key blanks and a key-making machine. A locksmith separates different key blanks into different categories and buys other items to go along with them.

3 - Establish a system for keeping up with the different keys. Buy key tags, drawers and key towers to use and store all locksmith tools.

4 - Utilize tools to gain right of entry into hospitals, secure government buildings, biometric finger print locks and more.

5 - Create a setup that works most excellent for your business. You can establish a physical, secure store location allowing you to use and store more locksmith tools and equipment, or have a small mobile locksmith service that takes up minimal space in a van or other motor vehicle so it can also be used for other activities.

Extra Free Tips (FOC for loyal readers!)
• Get a wide variety of key making tools and storage for your locksmith needs from several online vendors.

• Specialize you business for things such as car lockouts or specialize as an Airport Locksmith and just buy tools and storage for your particular specialty.

• Apply special locks to your locksmith tools and storage to keep thieves away.

Thanks for you time and effort in reading this article. It's all about Locksmith Tools.

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

How to Use A Slim Jim

Hi Dear Readers,

Have you ever heard about Slim Jim? It's a useful Locksmith Tools. Read the following details from

How to Use a Slim Jim

from wikiHow - The How to Manual That You Can Edit

Learning how to use a slim jim can be a very valuable experience when you find yourself locked out of your car. Slim jims are great products for getting out of such jams, as they can be used to open car doors without the use of keys. To use a slim jim correctly, however, you should practice the procedure for opening a car door with one of these devices.


  1. A car door isn't just a door.
  2. Most cars made after 1992 have a lot of mechanics and a variety of function controls housed inside the door. They may have side impact air bags and electrical wiring for power locks. They may have connectors for lock linkage.
  3. If you are not 100% sure of what is INSIDE the car door you are trying to open do not look beyond step #1 of this article. You will likely damage the car door lock when trying to use a slim jim to open it. Screwing up a car opening job can easily cost over $200 if you damage your (or someone else's) door panel.
  4. Insert the tool carefully between the passenger car door window and the weather stripping. This is a tight space and you may only have a quarter of an inch of access to the lock linkage.
  5. Move the tool slowly back and forth until it grabs the lock rod.
  6. Carefully move it until the lock flips over. The car door is now unlocked!


  • Learning how to use a slim jim starts with an understanding of car door locks. Most car door locks function by means of a control arm. The control arm activates when the car key is turned in the lock, but can also be bypassed in order to open the door without a key. A slim jim is a thin piece of spring steel with a notch cut out of one end. The slim jim's notched end is used to access this control arm via the car window. The notched end makes it easier to pull the lock rod up.


  • Be VERY careful when using a slim jim to open the PASSENGER side door - never the drivers door because you can easily damage all of the controls in the drivers door with a slim jim...particularly if you are a novice.

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