Sunday, February 22, 2009

Master Keying

As a Locksmith you need to know and most probably to own a master key. It’s a locksmith tools that very useful. However it also has the advantages. Read further for details information.

Master Keying
Think of how convenient it would be to have one key that opens all the locks in your home or business. It’s usually possible to arrange for locks of the same manufacturer to be keyed alike. That means no more unwieldy clusters of keys you have to drag around—also your life becomes a little less cluttered.

However, main purpose of master keying is because it allows those who must have access to many locks (maintenance workers, managers, etc.) to carry only a few keys.

Master-keyed lock systems, usually used by offices, schools, and businesses as well as by some residential facilities.

Master keying makes it possible for two different and distinct keys to open the same lock.

Master keying can regulate access to specific zones while enabling one master key to access all zones.

Did you know anyone with access to the key to a single lock can easily create the 'master' key that opens every lock in the entire systems?

How to Create Master Key
1. Creating a master key requires little skill. The only materials required are a metal file and a small number of blank keys, which for many locks are readily available as a locksmith tools.

2. In order to make a master key, one must have access to one of the locks in the system and possess or have previously examined its associated key. Any lock and key in the system is sufficient for this purpose, and so any individual who has ever been given access to any key has the potential to carry out the attack.

The technique involves a series of simple 'probes' of a lock which reveal successively more information about the master key. This can be done in several sessions without a need for continuous access to the lock.

3. This procedure only consumes a small number of 'blank' keys of the kind that fit the locks. Blank keys for most commonly-used locks are available in small quantities from a wide range of commercial sources. The keys are 'cut' using hand-held machines or a small metal file.

See how easy it is!

As stated above, master key is easy to be made. Therefore, individuals and institutions that depend on such locks to protect their safety and property should be aware of the risks and consider alternatives to eliminate or reduce their exposure to the threat.

Master key is a locksmith tools.

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